Air filters

filtri per aria

The study and realization of filter elements for air are the origins of our company that consistently invested in innovation and research in this broad field.

Italfilter stands as the ideal partner with which to develop dedicated filtering systems to the automotive industry as the sector of industrial air treatment.

Innovative solutions dedicated to gas filtration efficiency belong to company background.

Predictive systems based on complex algorithms allow our engineers to define accurately the choices related to the filter media, aware of the importance of an optimal air treatment as part of first contact with humans.

We have specific technical skills and productive sectors:

• Compressors and pneumatic systems

• Automotive/Motorcycle

• Industrial air (fumes and aerosols)

• Air cogeneration (Syngas)

• Domestic Air and prevention work places (Airflow)

Reiterating the company’s mission to make the filtration is no longer a privilege of a few but a concrete daily life of many working environments, Italfilter offers a complete range of articles devoted to the protection of the individual from the harmful effects of particulate matter. In this context fits the AirFlow range dedicated to toner dust filtration made by laser printing systems.

Italfilter products are their high performance filter media certified and tested according to individual application requirements from the market.


Pictures of some products

filtri per aria-1

Compressor air filtration and dust extractors and industrial buildings. Ad hoc application design to customer specification.

filtri per aria-2

Engine air filter elements for applications development.

filtri per aria-3

Realization of experimental filter systems for air treatment of industrial systems and cogeneration. Realization of filter elements for industrial process applications oil cartridges.

filtri per aria-4

Innovative systems for cogeneration gas filtration. Development items to customer specification and use of special filter materials specifically studied.

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