Liquid filters

filtri per liquidi

The innovative spirit of Properties impelled over the years, our engineers develop solutions for filtering fluids.

Our company is able to propose itself on the market with solutions specifically designed for the filtration of process fluids or combustible fluids, whether.

The solutions are compatible with the strictest standards in terms of filtration efficiency, providing our customers with the best protection for plants, equipment and the environment.

We have specific technical skills and productive sectors:

• Automotive

• Aeronautical filtration and Prefiltration

• Industry

• LPG, CNG and AdBlue

Environmental protection is ensured by choices of filter media, specially designed and chosen after a careful analysis of the fluid to be treated and manufactured with the most sophisticated systems.

The desire to innovate and to cover the needs of more demanding markets, pushing Italfilter to develop complete systems engineered specifically for the regeneration of process fluids, for filtration of fuels for such extreme climatic areas and to treat additive necessary to fulfilling Euro 5 and Euro 6 in modern internal combustion engines.

Complete the business know-how with the development and production of filter elements for the treatment of fuels such as LPG and biodiesel.


Pictures of some products

filtri per liquidi-1

Experimental treatment with Blue ® filter systems realization realization of filter elements for original equipment.

filtri per liquidi-2

Fuels treatment accomplishment experimental filtering systems for automotive applications. Realization of filter elements for original equipment.

Realization of experimental filtering systems for treatment fuels for aviation applications. Realization of filter elements for original equipment. Special coalescing systems.