Water filters

filtri per acqua

Research and development area and purposely not assimilated to liquids section is tied to water treatment for domestic use.

Italfilter, deeming the filtration a mission directed not only to the industrial business, but also the provision of elements that can raise the welfare of users, identified in a specific area of domestic water filtration efficient and economical products can offer excellent protection and a low impact on the family budget: goal is to make your home filtration is no longer a privilege of a few but a concrete daily life of many.

Starting from the protection of appliances up to drinking water treatment systems, Italfilter wants to act as the turnkey solution for those requiring most efficiency resulting from innovative filtering systems designed in a “plug and play” and so easy and quick installation.

 We have specific technical skills and productive sectors:

• Filters for pools

• Filters for home use (Decalcifier)

• Process Filters for cogeneration systems

Collaborations with universities and environmental research centers allow our technical team to be constantly updated and able to respond concretely and promptly to the growing demands of the market.


Pictures of some products

filtri per liquidi-1

filtri per acqua-1

Realization of experimental filtering systems for water treatment. We also manufacture cartridges for water treatment process for syngas systems. Realization of filter elements for pools, domestic and antilimestone system. We also manufacture customized solutions according to customer specifications.